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Apology from the future

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Client tcktcktck/Greenpeace International

The Brief

The Copenhagen climate talks in December 2009 were going to be a pivotal opportunity to take action to prevent climate change. Some of the most powerful world leaders had not committed to attending, and TckTckTck embarked on a campaign to get them there. Greenpeace and TckTckTck booked prime advertising space in Copenhagen airport, but needed an idea for the space.

We proposed the ‘Apology From the Future’ campaign – ads depicting the leaders in the future, looking back and regretting their inaction. Arc executed the entire project from copywriting, concept development to production.

The Results

There was immense global pressure on these leaders. In the end, they all turned up for the negotiations. For two weeks it went viral with over 5000 comments on Twitter and the Greenpeace web page featuring pictures of the ads had 200,000 unique visitors. Read on.