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Foul language?

Posted 03 Aug 2013 by Toby Cotton

Viral Facebook Concept/Content for NTEU

Posted 25 Jun 2013 by Toby Cotton

And then they all come at once.

Posted 09 May 2013 by Toby Cotton

Logo for the Sudan Peace project

Posted 08 Mar 2013 by Toby Cotton


Posted 28 Nov 2012 by Toby Cotton

Chuffed. Featured in The Inspiration Room again for new creative concept, design and production for Greenpeace International.

51 million reasons why brown coal will fail

Posted 15 Oct 2012 by Toby Cotton

Freebie for Environment Victoria :)

Look what we found gathering virtual dust.

Posted 12 Oct 2012 by Toby Cotton

WWF asked us if they could borrow the old agings leaders artwork for a project they are doing. Whilst rifling through the archives we found this fella hanging around on the server.

Help wanted.

Posted 08 Oct 2012 by Toby Cotton

The European Youth Forum wanted a concept to deliver some unsettling information about EU’s 5.5 million under 25s. We came up with this concept and copywriting for this A2 poster and a series of social media tools to come.

The Last Resort - Save the Great Barrier Reef.

Posted 07 Oct 2012 by Toby Cotton

So here’s the idea: you run a competition to send two people to the Great Barrier Reef to see it before they start sending the coal ships through. Everyone wants a free holiday to the Reef, so you can reach lots of people who wouldn’t normally engage with green messaging, with the story about our greatest natural asset being under threat to service the interests of a few.

You’d advertise it alongside ‘legit’ holiday ads, and draw people into learning about the problem through the entry form quiz.

We’d love to see this go live and think it wouldn’t take much to get some sponsorship to get this going from companies who make a living from the Great Barrier Reef tourism trade. Considering their livelihoods are under threat from coal mega-mining.

See a large version


The Letter. Coal - you're being dumped.

Posted 07 Oct 2012 by Toby Cotton


We heard that Coal replied:

Dear Electricity,

I thought I was the slag.