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Apology from the future

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Client tcktcktck/Greenpeace International

The Brief

The Copenhagen climate talks in December 2009 were going to be a pivotal opportunity to take action to prevent climate change. Some of the most powerful world leaders had not committed to attending, and TckTckTck embarked on a campaign to get them there. Greenpeace and TckTckTck booked prime advertising space in Copenhagen airport, but needed an idea for the space.

We proposed the ‘Apology From the Future’ campaign – ads depicting the leaders in the future, looking back and regretting their inaction. Arc executed the entire project from copywriting, concept development to production.

The Results

There was immense global pressure on these leaders. In the end, they all turned up for the negotiations. For two weeks it went viral with over 5000 comments on Twitter and the Greenpeace web page featuring pictures of the ads had 200,000 unique visitors. Read on.

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Recipe for 1 million signatures

Gfgb_first_project Gfbfphoto_3_project Photo_2_project Gfbfphoto4_project Gfgb_3_project Mobileadtruck_project Ge_pages_2_project Gfgb_2_project

Client Greenpeace International

The Brief

José Manuel Barroso and John Dalli of the European Commission brought out a cookbook – ‘Good Food Gone Bad’ – but somehow the ingredients aren’t quite right. Another campaign concept and delivery from Arc Communications to highlight how GE food is being forced down the throats of EU citizens.

We came up with this cookbook concept as part of a campaign for a moratorium on genetically modified crops.

The Results

In association with Avaaz, the campaign aimed to get 1 Million signatures from European citizens to send to the European Commissioners Barroso and Dalli. Shortly after the cookbook was launched, the goal of 1 Million signatures was reached.

The Smart Dummy

Picture_1_copy_project Picture_3_copy_project Picture_4_copy_project Picture_5_copy_project Picture_6_copy_project Picture_7_copy_project Picture_8_copy_project Picture_9_project
The Brief

Developed in response to attempts by European car manufacturers to delay legislation on carbon emissions targets until 2015. This campaign demonstrated that manufacturers could meet the original targets.

Arc conceived the ‘10 Easy Steps to Cut Car Emissions’ campaign for Greenpeace International to deliver the information to MEPs. This included the Crash Test Eddy character to help deliver the facts in a ‘Climate Control’ manual and movie.

Click here to play video. Eddy would love to tell you more.

The Results

The campaign was extremely successful. MEPs loved the manual, which outlined how to vote to cut car emissions. It became the must-have item in Brussels, where Greenpeace was handing them out. MEPs subsequently voted to reject the car manufacturers demands.

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A cool project with coolproducts

Cp6_project Cp4_project Cp2_project Cp1_project Cp3_project

Client European Environmental Bureau

The Brief

We were asked to rebrand the coalition’s campaign with identity guidelines and a new, updated logo to freshen things up. Our task was to then redesign the website and advise on how to better structure the website to speak to Coolproducts' targets and achieve its aims.

The Results

In double quick time we sifted through information on Coolproducts, spoke to the people in the coalition and got a feel for what was wanted. This resulted in a new logo, brand guidelines and a new, fresh website. We’re also in the process of completing an animation: ‘Ecodesign for Dummies’.

You can see the website here

Toxic Threads - Toxic Free.

Toxic_threads_main_2_project Spreads_2 Spreads_2 Spreads_2 Spreads_2 Spreads_2 Spreads_2 Toxic_threads_1 Toxic_threads_2_project Toxic_threads_3_project

Client Greenpeace International

The Brief

Major fashion brands Victoria’s Secret, Zara, Benetton, Armani, Levi’s and Diesel have been using manufacturing processes and suppliers that have been polluting our water cycle with dangerous toxic chemicals. Greenpeace International asked Arc to come up with ideas for the collateral for the communications campaign. We helped with the concepts for the fashion shoots and produced the 3 reports and various info graphics.

The Results

Our work travelled far and wide and achieved unprecedented results. So far Zara, Levi’s, Benetton, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret, Mango, Esprit, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Li Ning, C&A, Puma, Adidas and Nike have all committed to detoxing their manufacturing processes. This is a huge victory for Greenpeace. Our work was featured worldwide in the New York Times, Time Magazine and major advertising blogs such as Creative Review, The Inspiration Room and many more. The main report received over 58,000 hits on issuu.com.

Quick turnaround anyone?


Client Environment Victoria

The Brief

A branded campaign, logo with customised website and collateral 2 weeks?

Yes we can.

Greenpeace 40th

Gpi_book_cover_project Gpi_book_4_project Gpi_book_3_project Gpi_book_6_project Gpi_book_5_project Gpi_book_7_project

Client Greenpeace International

The Brief

Few organisations have a history quite like Greenpeace’s and we were HONOURED to be asked to design ‘The Greenpeace Chronicles’, a book covering their amazing history: from the early beginnings to the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, from the Brent Spar campaign to Unilever, this book had to cover it all.

The Results

A 200 page publication packed with photos, interviews and information on the goings on at Greenpeace was delivered by Arc and was circulated globally to celebrate Greenpeace’s 40 years of protecting the planet.

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